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A group of men and women taking part in a yoga class at a gym in Bath. Photograph taken by Tom Smith Photography.

We help busy people like you attract your ideal customers. Here's how.


Get started with brand planning: 
Plan for your brand

We know you don't have much time to think about marketing, and that you'd rather focus on what you actually love doing. But no doubt what you'd like from your marketing is:

> More awareness of your brand 
> More engagement, more enquiries
> More tangible leads that you can follow up with...
> and of course, more actual customers.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of driving that engagement and those leads, you need to have a good understanding of your business - your brand. What does it look like to customers? What does it stand for? How does it speak, what's its personality? And is it resonating with your ideal customers? If you don't have a handle on this yet, Plan for Your Brand is a great place to start before you plan your marketing activities.

Why do I need to understand my brand? 

> You can make sure your brand aligns with your target audience's beliefs and values
> You can build trust with your target audience
> You can have a clear understanding of your brand's values and goals
> You can give your brand a personality that reflects your values and the ethos of your organisation and factor this into your marketing through tone of voice, language, and imagery. 

This mini strategy exercise is designed to help you get a sound grasp of your brand and 'who it is', giving you guidelines that the whole team can apply so you can get noticed and trusted by the people you want to call your customers.

A door sign on a shop door reads closed.Stock image by Mike Petrucci for Unsplash.

Our other really useful marketing services

If you've already got a good handle on your brand, you might want something else from us. We are experts in:

> Creating great, branded visual content for social media
> Writing wonderful words for websites, socials, brochures - whatever copy you require
> Managing your digital communications - social campaigns and emails 
> Developing great-looking e-books and digital brochures
> Building great-looking, functional websites
> Providing professional business photography
> Preparing marketing plans and social media plans - contact us to discuss what you need. 

Click the links below to find out more or get in touch for a quick chat.


Pots of herbs and spices, photograph by Tom Smith Photograpy.
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