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Small business websites by Buzz Project

Updated: May 11, 2022

Website build and creative content in one!

We've created new websites for a range of small business clients.

Buzz Project can create a new website and provide you with the perfect words and professional images to fill it, all in one go. Website design, plus beautiful content.

Check out our work, from content creation through to published site.

Kate Henderson

Kate Henderson is a highly-regarded visual consultant and sculptor, whose commercial portfolio encompasses projects for a range of high profile clients. Kate has created retail installations, exhibition environments and showcase projects for The Royal Academy, The Metropolitan Museum, Wedgwood and Mulberry, to name a few. Her cast and carved sculptures are modern, sensual pieces with a beautiful simplicity of form.

Working with Kate last year on her new website, we took the look of her existing site and remodelled it for her on a different platform with added benefits, including a 'behind the scenes' blog, a contact form, and - perhaps most importantly - the tools for Kate to be able to update her site easily, by herself.

A year on, the site still looks great, and Kate has been able to make a number of updates to the site herself, including adding new pages and products, and a fantastic series of blog posts to drive traffic through to her site.

Visit Kate Henderson to see Kate's beautiful work.

"Working with Liz was a real pleasure. Not only did she grasp all the visual details that were important to me on my website, but added clarity, ease of navigation and additional marketing tools in the process. Her dedication to completing the project was second to none. I really could not have done it without her."
Kate Henderson

All images copyright and used courtesy of Kate Henderson


The site we designed for Amanda Sloan of Encender Coaching, is a reflection of her passion and commitment a leadership coach. Amanda wanted to strike just the right balance between being both professional and corporate, and approachable and warm.

"Liz at Buzz Project helped me clarify my thoughts on what I wanted to say in my website and created something I am delighted with."
Amanda, Encender

Visit the Encender Coaching website

Solution Revolution

Tara Gretton of Solution Revolution works with children and young people, encouraging self-belief through the use of positive talking therapy. Her recent work in schools has had a huge impact on the well-being of our young people.

Having already worked with Tara to help her grow her blog content, Tara asked us to help her develop her existing website site from a one page site to a full site in order to accommodate her growing range of services. We added new pages, new written content and fresh photos from an on-location shoot with Tara. Tara is able to maintain her blog herself, keeping her site fresh and up-to-date easily.

"Liz turned my knowledge and expertise into marketable content, spending the time to really get under the skin of what I do. Liz has given me greater confidence to put my business out there, I cannot recommend Buzz Project enough. "
Tara, Solution Revolution

Original concept and logo design by Kingston Design

Photography by Tom Smith Photography

What next?

Coming up next, we have website content, or web design with content projects, for children's author Kristina Stephenson, paternity leave and leadership coaching specialist Emma Lewis, aka Praegressa, and award-winning visual merchandiser and production designer Nina Tillett, aka Minki Balinki. Watch this space!


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