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Our recent work for sculptor, Kate Henderson

A green resin sculpture and a red resin sculpture on a white background by artist Kate Henderson

Kate Henderson's sculpture is really beautiful. Well, I think so, as I am naturally drawn to abstract shape and form, both in paintings and in sculpture.

So it was really lovely to work with Kate again, after working together to build Kate's current website (in Wix), during the height of the pandemic.

A black resin sculpture by Kate Henderson on a white background

These first two images give you a really good sense of Kate's scultptural work, which is typically in resin, concrete or carved wood. These bigger pieces are really beautiful, and my personal favourites have to be the cast sculptures, particularly those in resin, such as Fragments (shown top), Big Sur (below), and Just Me (shown just above), all of which you can check out on her website.

A green resin sculpture, a pink sculpture and a green sculpture by artist Kate Henderson on a plain background

Big Sur, by Kate Henderson

Building that website was a big job, back in 2020. The sheer volume of work that we needed to get on to the site meant it took a long time to put together. And as Kate is not just a sculptor but also a successful installation designer with a background in commercial art, there was a huge back catalogue of work that we need to present well.

Shop window for Louis Vuitton designed by installation designer Kate Henderson

Installation concept design for Louis Vuitton, by Kate Henderson. Picture: Kate Henderson

But on to 2023, and this time, Kate came back to me to ask if I could help her add an online store to her existing website. So we did just that, and it's great to see Kate's store now live.

Kate's new store houses her Art With Purpose collection - handmade, limited edition objects that combine art and design with everyday purpose - form, with function.

Each piece is handcrafted by Kate, just like her bigger sculptures, or made in collaboration with other artisan makers. These unique limited edition collections are all based on Kate's tactile abstract sculptures, and you'll find beautiful candleholders, paperweights and lamps, plus fabulous weighty doorstops, and jewellery.

Candleholders, doorstop and paperweights by Kate Henderson

Adding a Wix Store to Kate's existing website was reasonably straightforward - getting the look and feel of it right, so it worked well with her existing content, was key. The end result is a store that complements Kate's bigger, sculptural projects, rather than something that feels separate and incongruous.

Kate and I were pleased with the end result. Do check it out if you like what you see here, and if you'd like to discuss building a Wix website for your small business, do get in touch.

Liz, Buzz Project.

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