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Our latest website: Praegressa

Our latest website work is for Emma, an executive coach specialising in parental leave coaching and leadership coaching, based in Bristol.

We first worked with Emma last year, helping her turn her existing expertise and experience into something tangible that she could promote and share more widely.

We had worked through a branding development process with Emma, clarifying the value and personality of her business, her goals, and how she wished to portray herself as a coach. Ultimately, we arrived at the Praegressa name (feminine of Latin word meaning advance or develop) and a clear direction for tone of voice, language, imagery, and graphic design.

Emma was clear that while her background is corporate, the nature of her coaching style, and the relationship she has with those she coaches is anything but - it's nurturing and supportive, and Emma wanted to ensure this came across in both the words and imagery we created for her website.

While the website copy was in development, we met with Emma in her local area for a professional photoshoot with our in-house photographer Tom Smith. The goal was to capture some relaxed portraits of Emma, and highlight the local Clifton area in Bristol where most of her clients live.

Emma's brief was for a clean and simple website design, with lots of white space. We used two fonts and added some gentle movement in the pages (desktop version) to add low-key colour and interest to the design, and kept a strong focus on content and usability.

You can view Emma's new site at


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