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Brand photography as a business marketing tool

Updated: May 11, 2022

There is a wealth of great stock photography available to us these days, so why should a business invest in its own photography?

Marketing today is all about building trust with your customer base, enabling buyers to empathise with what you're saying, and giving your audience content that really sparks an interest. It's about appealing to emotions, rather than doling out facts or sales patter.

Today, customers want authenticity.

More and more businesses, both big and small, are realising the value of original, contemporary brand photography. Good photography can really help you develop your brand image, make your company more accessible to its audience, and give you the tools you need to create great content for your business.

But to be really effective, today's brand photography must be genuine, natural and warm.

Here are three reasons why using this kind of brand photography is an essential business asset, whether its for use on your website, in your brochure, or on social media:

1. Give your company a 'face' and make it more human

Your people are your organisation's most important asset, so it makes sense to show your audience who is handling their account, or answering the phone when they call. Sharing images of your staff instantly makes your business more approachable, more human and more caring.

These days, portraits of staff don't have to be formal and old-fashioned. Consider interesting but authentic backdrops such as outside in the local area, or in an unusual or quirky part of the building. Think contemporary, think informal, think relaxed.

You may want to capture other occasions that highlight the more caring side of your business. Away days, team lunches or a special birthday, show your audience a more human side of your organisation.

These are powerful ways of building trust and empathy with your customers. People buy people, so you want to elicit an emotional response from your content.

2. Show company culture and personality

People are naturally curious and social media makes people want to know more than ever about the brands and businesses they like. Social media has also helped to make informal content more of an acceptable norm.

What goes on behind the scenes at your organisation? If you make a product, how is it made? What does a typical team meeting look like? How are your products delivered? Showing little details that are otherwise hidden from public view is great way to connect with your audience.

You can also use photography to get across the personality and the values of your brand. For example, if one of your brand values is to always provide great customer service, or your brand personality is fun and light-hearted, you can aim to capture this in your images and share it with your audience. Doing this can help you strengthen your brand image set you apart from competitors.

3. Set yourself up with a portfolio of photos to use everywhere!

A lot of the time, what holds a business back from getting on with more marketing activity is a lack of good content, especially photos. Think of the new website or updated brochure you've been considering for ages. And a website full of stock imagery just doesn't cut the mustard.

Perhaps your social media accounts are lacking that genuine touch that really makes customers connect with you? People want to see how you make things, how you make decisions, how the company works. It's what makes people tick.

A set of strong professional photos that capture your company, its people and its personality can give you the tools you need to market your business more effectively, while developing a strong brand presence at the same time.

Photography by Tom Smith for Koan Creative Bristol and HGEM Bath


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