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Brand development for Tom Smith Photography

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Tom Smith Photography

"Tom takes images that shout personality for contemporary brands"

Tom is an established photographer, but he wanted to develop a clear brand identity for his commercial and corporate work, and get this across in a new website. The most important element to get across to businesses and brands was that Tom didn't really do boring, old-fashioned business photography - his style is professional, contemporary, bright and full of energy. They're not overly posed, they're relaxed and informal, but still business-like. Tom takes images that shout personality for contemporary brands.

Ultimately, we knew Tom's images would do most of the talking, but we wanted to capture the vibrancy of Tom's work, which is so different to traditional corporate photography. Using the tag line 'bring your business to life' as a starting point, we developed a series of short and sweet message on a super-bright palette of vibrant colour blocks. These feature across the homepage and 'pop' against the otherwise black and white framework of the site, emphasising the energy Tom creates in his photography.

View Tom's photography at: or contact Tom on +44(0)7968140031 or at

All photos copyright of Tom Smith Photography.


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